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Dry Stack Boat Storage

Since 1978, Port of Kimberling Marina & Resort has been storing boats in dry stack storage for its customers.  Enjoy the convenience and security of Dry Stack Storage where we store more than 300 boats in our facilities.

Dry Stack Storage is the latest trend at marinas across the country. Why should your boat be left out in the water or on a lift when you are not around? Dry Stack Storage offers one of the most secure environments for boat storage while preserving the convenience of having your boat on the water. Give us a call any day of the week, at least one hour before you wish to use your boat, and we will put your boat in the water at our courtesy docks. Simply bring your boat back to the courtesy dock, and we will put it away for you.

When you arrive at our courtesy dock from your boating trip we will return your boat to the safe, dry, and secure environment in our dry stack facility. The streamlined launching, recovery, and storage operation is appreciated by berth holders who love the convenience and security. Port of Kimberling’s dry stack facility is not only convenient but helps customers maintain the value of their vessels while benefiting from lower maintenance costs. Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of this great service.

At our facility, we offer wash racks so you can service your boat out of the water. Many local shops come to our Dry Stack facility to perform service work on your vessel so you never have to trailer your boat again!  FOR MORE INFORMATION AND AVAILABILITY OF DRY STACK SPACES, PLEASE CONTACT US: CALL 417-739-2314 OR EMAIL info@mypok.com

Hours of Operation

  • From Memorial Day through Labor Day, dry stack will be open from 9am-8pm
  • May & September: Closes at 7:00PM
  • April & October: Closes at 6:00PM
  • March & November: Closes at 5:00PM
  • Dry stack is closed from November 15th through March 15th each year. Boats must be winterized prior to 11/15 and will be inaccessible until 3/15 each year.

Returning Boat

When returning your boat, please arrive 15 minutes before closing and park in the uncovered courtesy dock as close to the forklift ramp as possible. Make sure your:

  • Trim tabs are in the “UP” position
  • The steering wheel is straight and the motor is down
  • Bimini top is down and secured
  • All accessories are contained within the boat and below the windshield
  • Tarp is secure
  • Write your number and last name on the board to be put away or left out.


Prior to storage in the dry stack, you must provide proof of liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 and Port of Kimberling Marina must be listed as an additional interest.


Use of outside racks is subject to availability.

Lease & Termination

All leases are subject to a ONE-YEAR MINIMUM! All leases are assumed to be renewed unless you notify the office in writing 30 days prior to renewal.  Dry Stack Lease includes 10 in/outs per month.


Dry Stack requires a deposit of $200. The deposit amount is in addition to the first year’s rent.


Dry Stack Boat Storage

Storage Rates are based on Length Overall (LOA), and includes bow pulpits, swim platforms/ladders, and stern drives. “Tip to Tail.”  Unfortunately, we cannot take pontoons in dry stack.

Introducing SpeedyDock

SpeedyDock is an app designed to make it easier to request your boat out of dry stack. Using the app, you can schedule your boat to go on the service rack or in the water at any point in the future (must be at least 1 hour away). Once you’re done and would like your boat put away, simply open the app and click the Retrieval and we’ll put it away at the next available time.

You can access SpeedyDock through our web application at https://pok.speedydock.com, with our Android App available from the Google Play Store, or with our iOS app available from the Apple App Store.

Download our Quick Start Guide here!

Length OverallAnnual Fee (2018)
18′ and Less$1,330

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